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Behold, The New York Islanders’ T-Shirt Gatling Gun (Video)

That, my friends, is brilliance. Absolutely, positively, potential catalyst to personal injury lawsuits-due-to-fans-getting-dropped-by-balled-up-articles-of-clothing-being-fired-out-of-a-gatling-gun-which-can-fire-twelve-t-shirts-in-five-seconds brilliance. Never before has an improvised version of military firepower been paired together with in-game hijinks so flawlessly and executed so wonderfully.

Maude Flanders would not approve of the implementation of this fantastic device. Was that an easy and lazy reference? Definitely. Necessary? You better believe it. And as an added bonus, here’s video of the scene featuring Maude’s tragic demise in Spanish. “¡Ay, caramba!” indeed.

[H/T Sports Grid]