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LeBron James Channels Inner Child, Dons Captain America Mask At Toys R Us (Photo)

Ha. What a cad. LeBron James took to Twitter to mention he was taking care of some Christmas shopping for his kids on Monday at Toys R Us when “#kidmemories” got the best of him while taking a look at some Captain America gear. There could be a joke about this photo dealing with LeBron’s playoff failings and wearing the mask of a beloved superhero, but I am either too lazy or too disinterested to attempt to make it. Or maybe there isn’t a joke in there — I am not too familiar with Captain America’s story. I was more of a Spider-Man and Fantastic Four kind of kid. Add on the fact that poking fun at LeBron’s “coming up short in the 4th quarter” jokes are played. So played.

Finally, given the fact that LeBron doesn’t want to grow up because he’s a Toys R Us kid as documented by the above photo, I wonder what happens when he eats a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats. When he reverts to childlike form, does his hairline come back? Yep, I went with a LeBron’s hairline joke but eschewed the “coming up short in the 4th quarter” bit because jokes about King James’ receding hairline aren’t played at all. Nope. Not played at all.