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Jared Allen Admits To Punching Former Teammate Ray Edwards In The Wiener (Audio)

The Minnesota Vikings traveled down to Atlanta two weeks ago to take on the Falcons which ultimately led to another loss for the Purple. During the game, Vikings long snapper Cullen Loeffler was injured and defensive end Jared Allen, who did a bit of long snapping in college while attending Utah Idaho State, stepped in and assumed the role.

During a field goal attempt and while serving as the last-ditch long snapper, Allen appeared to punch former teammate and current Atlanta Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards in the junk. Allen was making an appearance on PFT Live with Mile Florio on Tuesday when spun a yarn about how he made good on the promise to his ex-teammate that he would punch Edwards right in the wiener.

Video featuring the Allen audio follows.

A transcript of the relevant part the interview featuring Allen’s explanation of his planned wiener punch:

“Ray is obviously a former teammate and friend of mine. I told him before the snap on the field goal that he’s known for blowing up the long snapper on the field goal.

“So I told him: ‘Man, you run me over here, I’m going to punch you square in your wiener, dude.’

“And, uh, we were laughing and joking about it and he ran me clean over so I just gave him a little tap to let him know I could have done it if I wanted to. And we had a good laugh about it.”

Ha. Awesome. And good for Mr. Jared Allen. He really There is nothing worse than not making good on a promise, even if it does involve punching another man in the wiener, dude, although if you ask me, Edwards kind of had it coming simply because he had this portrait of him and his girlfriend painted. Just saying.

[animated GIF courtesy of The Viking Age]