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Is Tim Tebow’s ‘Be The Hammer Or The Nail’ Ad A Subtle Reference To Jesus? (Pic)

I’m not saying, I’m just saying. Because if the ad wizards at Nike — and I cannot say for certain if this ad is old or new — couldn’t put together that mentioning nails in an ad featuring Tim Tebow wouldn’t cause even the most casual observer to reasonably infer that it the ad is making a subtle reference to Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion? well, nah, they had to realize it, right? It likely wouldn’t cross anyone’s mind with any other athlete, but with Tebow, they are practically inviting the connection.

Now, whether it as purposeful or not, the simple act of bringing up this observation will sure to get the Tebowmaniacs worked up into a lather, because with each passing day, it is becoming more clear due to the near-fanatical zealotry exhibited by some people when Tebow is mentioned that a vocal lunatic fringe may exist within the Tebow fan population who experience great difficulty differentiating between the Broncos quarterback and the Real Deal. But who am I to say? According to the Tebowites, I’m just a Godless heathen who will burn in Hell for all eternity for even daring to criticize Tim Tebow and not genuflecting at his feet. So there you go. Apparently, you can’t be a decent Christian and at the same time dislike Tim Tebow, as if they are mutually exclusive conditions. So go ahead and pile on and defend your hero, if you must.

[image via Terez Owens]