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Female Green Bay Packers Fan Wears Her ‘Cheesehead’ Bra With Pride (Photo)

Not only does this lady Green Bay Packers fan wear her Cheesehead bra with pride, she also wears it with a fair amount of humility and retains a reasonable amount of dignity in the process. Because no one really needs to – nor should they want to do such a thing — wear a cheesehead bra as an actual bra. Who knows if it would provide the necessary support, let alone the certifiable fact that one would be forcing such an objectionable sight upon innocent onlookers.

But seriously, what’ s next? Cheesehead pants? Cheesehead shirts? Cheesehead sportcoats for those more formal events where slapping a Cheesehead on one’s melon wouldn’t be appropriate? How about Cheesehead underwear? Please tell me there isn’t such a thing as Cheesehead underwear. Please. I just don’t think I could handle that.

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