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Dion Phaneuf Absolutely Destroys Mike Sauer On Check (Video)

Sweet sassy molassey. Here’s a perfect example why it is important to keep for a hockey player to try and keep his head up at all times during a shift, lest said player finds himself the unwitting target of a 6′ 3″, 214 pound runaway train on skates.

During Monday night’s 4-2 Maple Leafs victory over the Rangers, Toronto captain Dion Phaneuf leveled an unbelievably violent check on New York defenseman Mike Sauer late in the third period. I mean he really lowered the boom on the guy. Phaneuf hit Sauer so hard the guy’s kids will be born dizzy. If he was left with the capacity to procreate, that is.

Sauer’s helmet was knocked off his head due to the sheer force of Phaneuf’s brutal hit that and it took Sauer a few second to gather his thoughts and figure out where the hell he was. Sauer’s helmet-less head also appeared to hit the boards which only added to the brutality of the collision.

By all accounts, it looks like a pretty clean hit by Phaneuf — although it does appear that Phaneuf’s shoulder connected with Sauer’s but he kept his elbows down — so no need to enter into that debate. Hockey is a physical sport and when played correctly, can result in absolutely fantastic plays like the one above by Phaneuf. Well played, sir. Oh, and one more reason to admire Mr. Phaneuf: he happens to be the long-time boyfriend of one Elisha Cuthbert. Not too shabby. And speaking of which and just for the heck of it, here’s an Elisha Cuthbert photo gallery I assembled a few years ago. You’re welcome.