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Tattoo Fail: Guy Gets A Right-Handed Bubba Watson Inked On His Leg (Photo)

Now, I like Bubba Watson just as much as the next guy. For one thing, he does not have the stodgy, humorless personality one typically associates with pro golfers, as shown by his membership in the Golf Boys and their hilarious send-up of boy bands, the song and accompanying video for “Oh Oh Oh.” There is also the goofy videos he routinely uploads to the interwebs (examples of such here and here), not to mention that he once went golfing with Justin Bieber. All in all, he makes a compelling case that he is the hippest, most laid-back golfer on the PGA Tour, or at least one with the best sense of humor.

With that said, despite being a huge fan of the guy, to get a tattoo of him on your leg, as some die-hard Bubba backer did? That’s pushing the boundaries of normalcy and good sense. To make matters worse, upon closer inspection, you will notice that Tattoo Bubba is holding a right-handed Ping driver in his hand. The problem is: Bubba is left-handed and would have little use for a right-handed driver. DERP! indeed.

On the other hand (no pun intended), there is video of Bubba Watson smashing 300-yard bombs off the tee at the Ping Pro Facility with a right-handed driver. Perhaps that is where this tattoo-happy Bubba fan derived his inspiration for the ink. Somehow, I doubt it, but you never know. With all that in mind, I give Tattoo Bubba Watson and the guy who has this on his leg an epic fail. Sorry, but it has to be done.

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