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Take That, LeBron: Chris Paul One-Ups James, Dominates An 8th Grader (Video)

There was a gaggle of videos during the lockout featuring LeBron James dunking on and otherwise putting youngsters to shame on the basketball court so I lost track, but this video of Chris Paul absolutely smoking an 8th grader on the court is right up there with the exploits of King James.

According to Five-Star Basketball (via The Basketball Jones), the 8th grader in question is the New York Gauchos’ Mustapha Heron, a highly-touted prospect and it went down on Tuesday night at LIU-Brooklyn’s campus.

In my opinion, Heron gave a good accounting of his skills against CP3: nice defensive stance, posturing and aggressiveness. Unfortunately for the kid, Paul’s ball-handling skills ultimately proved to be too much for the young man, as Paul eventually — after toying with Heron for a while — scores on an easy layup. Sure, it sucks to get shown up, but then again, how often does a kid get a chance to square up against CP3?