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Man Who Smacked Devin Hester At Casino Pleads Guilty To Misdemeanor Battery

Daniel Rago, a 52-year-old man and self-described Bears fan who “loves Devin Hester” who smacked the Chicago Bears wide receiver in a Chicago-area casino after he believed Hester cut in line has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery. Rago will serve no jail time, but was sentenced to one-year of court supervision. Rago also must perform 80 hours of community service as well as complete an anger management evaluation. Sounds fair.

As you may recall, Rago, in my opinion, fancied himself a champion of the elderly and a defender of line etiquette after he thought Hester cut in line in front of two elderly women at a Des Plaines casino in October. Rago later said his “parental instincts” took over as he proceeded to slap Hester.

But it appears that by pleading guilty, Rago has legally expressed remorse for his actions and can put this ugly incident behind him and get on with his life, although the comments made by his attorney following the hearing are a bit curious, or at the very least, somewhat amusing:

“He smacked someone he shouldn’t have,” attorney Frank Kostouros said of his client Daniel Rago, of Mount Prospect, after the court hearing in Skokie. “He’s been sorry from Day One for what happened. … He feels terrible about it.”

Yeah, it’s always a bad idea to smack someone that you shouldn’t have. You know, as opposed to the multitude of people Rago has every right to smack around if he feels they are violating the conventions and norms of a civilized society.