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Kris Humphries Giving An Ex A Dutch Oven Highlights Taiwanese Animation Treatment

We all knew this was coming: the Taiwanese Animation Treatment updating the abject stupidity of the recent developments in the Kris Humphries-Kim Kardashian split saga. Oh, he also jumps into an egg-shaped time machine that resembles the spaceship Mork (“Nanu-Nanu”) used to travel from Ork in order to go back in time to the date of the couple’s doomed wedding in order to wreak violent havoc upon everyone in attendance courtesy of arming himself with a flamethower. Fantastic.

So many amusing images populate NMA World Edition’s report on the debacle, it’s hard to pick a favorite: Kim, in her wedding dress, with each buttock resembling a wedding cake. But we have to go with the way the allegation that Humphries has an affinity for farting on girls is depicted: while noxious, yellow fumes are escaping from under the covers, Kris grabs an ex-girlfriend’s head and shoves it underneath the sheets for a perfectly-executed Dutch Oven has to be the topper.

Silly? Yes. Absurd? Absolutely. No more silly and absurd than the entire ordeal? Definitely not. And hey, I’d rather watch these animated reports as opposed to reading Star‘s reporting on it.