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Jeff Gordon Stars In NASCAR Version Of ‘Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo’ (Video)

During the NASCAR “After the Lap” event in Vegas — a part of championship week which culminates with the championship banquet that the Las Vegas Sun referred to as a “press conference on steroids” due to the freewheeling, no-holds-barred nature of the scene that creates an environment where the drivers can feel completely uninhibited — Jeff Gordon seized the opportunity — after being goaded by fans into it with chants of “Gordon, Gordon, Gordon” — and thrilled the crowd with some break dancing at center stage. It was all spawned by Jimmie Johnson spinning a yarn about how Gordon used to break it down from time to time.

As a break dancer in my earlier days — and I have the parachute pants to prove it — I’ll give Gordon high marks for his skills, but the choice of “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin for the music? Come on. The Beastie Boys were suggested, which would have been fine, but for my money, you have to go with some Fat Boys or maybe the Beat Street soundtrack, not to mention the need for a decent-sized piece of cardboard. But for an impromptu break dancing demonstration, it was all good.