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High School Player’s Shot Lands On Back Of Rim, Ball Refuses To Move (Video)

To be honest, I’m not certain whether or not an inanimate object can actually refuse to move as if it is some kind of sentient being with the capacity to determine whether it should stay or should it go (props to The Clash), but you know what I mean.

The shot in question was from the 2011 State Farm Tournament of Champions over Thanksgiving weekend and was attempted by senior Keith Carter during a game between his Proviso (Ill.) East High squad and the fellas from Montgomery (Ala.) Carver High. Normally, as pointed out by Prep Rally, when a ball usually ends up in this position, it is generally wedged between the rim and the backboard, but that is not the case with this basketball balancing act. The ball is just sitting there, taking in the scenery and not giving a care to the fact that it is delaying the game and not doing what it is supposed to do.

Oops. Once again, we are in the precarious position of anthropomorphizing an object. But what if basketball were imbued with free will and some semblance of consciousness? Now that’s something worthy trying to wrap your brain around. Or not. But if it were somehow possible, imagine the consequences of that development. Would it be ethical to bounce these beings off the floor and throw them around for our enjoyment? Crazy stuff.