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Rich Rodriguez Stars In ‘8 Simple Rules For Facebooking My Teenage Daughter’

New Arizona Wildcats head football coach Rich Rodriguez got his career in Tucson off to a rollicking start during his first few days on the job last week. Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated shadowed Rodriguez for the first 48 hours of Rodriguez’s tenure and came away with a highly entertaining read, not to mention some few choice quotes from Rich Rod.

First up, a stern warning to his players regarding his 15-year-old teenage daughter, Racquel (via Sports Grid):

Rodriguez brought his family when he first addressed his new team. He introduced wife Rita, 13-year-old son Rhett and 15-year-old daughter Raquel. When he got to Raquel, he issued a warning. “She’s only 15,” Rodriguez said. “I had to tell my guys at the other school not to Facebook her.”

The other school? Has he already forgotten that he spent three tumultuous years up in Ann Arbor screwing up the Michigan football program? Interesting.

But as far as his daughter is concerned, I have no issue with that. I do have an issue, however, with Wolverines players attempting to friend (presumably) a girl who at the time was for all intents and purposes a preteen. Creepy. I only hope he wasn’t referring to players on his West Virginia squads, because that, well that would have been flat out unconscionable. Perhaps even worse.

And finally, here’s Rich Rod on the type of player he will not recruit, and he doesn’t feel crappy about saying it, either:

“One thing I assure you. There will not be anybody in this program that I think is a turd,” Rodriguez said. “You know what a turd is? A turd is a bad guy. If you’re a good guy and you work hard, I can put up with a lot of stuff. But if you’re a turd…”

What? What? If they’re a turd…what will he do? Flush them? Admire them, then take a photo of you with his phone and forward it to all his friends? Man, this Rich Rodriguez guy might be one pretty weird dude, man. I’m just glad John Ritter isn’t alive to read about all this turd stuff.