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Jay Cutler Has No Idea What’s Going On With His Engagement To Kristin Cavallari

"Oh Jay, I love you so much." "Whatev."

Of course, as a lover of love, you are by now undoubtedly aware that Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari have renewed their vows to, uh, new their vows, after Miss Cavallari joyfully announced the couple’s impending nuptials on Twitter. Well, call me me a cynic, but methinks after reading the transcript of Jay Cutler’s recent interview on ESPN Chicago that Cutler is either quite the coy fellow or really has no idea what’s going on. In fact, it sounds like he couldn’t care less. Gosh, I hope that’s not the case. Something about these two star-crossed lovers gives me hope that professional athletes can truly find long-lasting happiness. With reality show gals.

Anyhoo, here’s what Cutler had to say about the re-engagement:

You are once again engaged to Kristin Cavallari. Do you need to go through the process or again, or is it just like, ‘OK, let’s do this?’”:

“You guys probably know as well as I do, I don’t really make a lot of those decisions. I’m kind of just along for the ride. … I hear about them in passing or if I have to possibly write a check or something of that sort. Other than that, whatever she wants to do, I’m on board.”

When is this going to happen? And is it going to be in Chicago?:

“You’re asking the wrong person.”

Jeez, Cutler really seems overjoyed with it all, doesn’t he. Nothing speaks to the everlasting bond of true love and matrimony like mentioning one is only along for the ride and the act of blindly signing checks is about as far is one is willing to go just to get the fianceé off your back.