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Here’s Jenn Sterger Shooting Guns With Eagles DE Jason Babin At A Firing Range (Video)

Jenn Sterger recently joined Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Jason Babin at a firing range to shoot (ha!) a video for The Daily. Sterger, according to the YouTube video description, was on hand to get “a lesson in shooting techniques” from Babin, who supposedly “who hunts more than opposing quarterbacks” (insert ominous music here). Miss Sterger even fired off some rounds herself. Neato.

Mentioned previously here at the Sportress after she uploaded some photos to her Twitter account related to her new role at The Daily, it’s nice to see Jenn Sterger back on her feet and doing something affiliated with the world of sports, even if once again it involves an NFL player wrapping his hand around something to show her how to properly handle it.

Oh, I kid, I kid. Good for Jenn Sterger and best of luck in all her new endeavors.

[H/T Sweater Punch]