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DeSean Jackson Appears With ‘Basketball Wives’ Star In Steamy Club Promo (Video)

I’m pretty sure this won’t go over too well with Philadelphia Eagles brass, especially in light of the fact that the above poster features an image of the Eagles wide receiver wearing the team’s uniform, something which will also likely catch the eye of the commissioner’s office. But then again, my suspicion is that the disgruntled and seemingly careless DeSean Jackson probably doesn’t give a rip either way.

The above poster and the incredibly steamy video which follows below are provocative advertisements for the “DeSean Jackson Celebrity Birthday Bash.” As you can see, the bash, scheduled for this Sunday, Dec. 4 (the Eagles don’t play, as they face the Seahawks tonight on Thursday Night Football), will take place at the G Lounge in Philly and will be hosted by none other than Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele, who according to her biography on VH1, is a “model and aspiring actress” who is a “controversial beauty” who, in her words, has “a million haters. I open the list of haters and it rolls across the floor.” Gotcha.

She is also apparently willing to shed some clothes in an extremely provocative manner to promote events she is hosting, as you can see in the video (featuring the musical stylings of Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj) that follows. Warning: it’s safe, but pretty steamy.

Yowsers. And let’s throw in a sweet sassy molassey in there as well for good measure.

So, if you happen to be in the Philly area on Sunday and want to hang with DeSean Jackson and a gal whose list of haters will roll across the floor, you can order tickets to the birthday celebration here. Enjoy the festivities!

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