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Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen Wants You To ‘Ink Not Mink’, You Got It? (Photo/Video)

Chris “Birdman” Andersen, the Denver Nuggets tatted-up, mohawked, freak-flag-flying forward, has been a longtime favorite here at the Sportress, so it is with great pride that I pass along the news that the Birdman has joined forces with PETA to cast a disparaging light upon the terrible things which occur in the Chinese fur business and how the animals are horribly mistreated.

On Wednesday, as part of his new role as PETA spokesperson, Andersen visited a Denver area homeless shelter to distribute donated fur coats to the homeless, which a PETA news release argues are “the only people who have any excuse for wearing fur.” Got it.

Video from Birdman’s “Ink Not Mink” photo shoot follows.

Warning: Graphic abuse of animals depicted in video

In the video, Andersen says (via The Denver Post):

“These animals aren’t dying in a good way. I think everyone should be aware of that. It’s a nightmare,” he says in a PETA video. “These animals don’t deserve to be beaten or slaughtered. Check it out, look at the video PETA has put together with the investigations of what is going on in the Chinese world of fur farms. Be aware of what is going on behind the scenes. . . . And not to purchase the fur.”

Since I am not the kind of person who would buy a fur — for reasons that have to do with just as much for style purposes as animal rights issues — I fully support Andersen’s crusade to raise awareness. But does that mean I have to get a ginormous tattoo on my neck, too? I’m all for getting inked and already have a tattoo myself, but jeez, the neck? Call me a wuss, but that looks really painful. Also: I’m not too keen on getting inked on every square inch on my body, either, but I fully support and completely dig how Birdman rolls.