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Shocking: Details Of HS BB Hazing Ritual Referred To As ‘Humiliating Sex Game’ Disgusting

Who woulda thunk it, right? But apparently, it’s true: a high school in Massachusetts is the site of a hazing ritual that authorities are referring to as a “humiliating sex game.” Apparently, the Easton (Mass.) Police Department is in the process of investigating allegations that nine members of the Andover High basketball team participated in a disgusting hazing ritual focused upon two younger members of the squad.

According to an Eagle Tribune report (via Game On!), the alleged incidents occurred in July at an overnight basketball camp held at held at Stonehill College in Easton, Mass., and the details of what supposedly happened are profoundly disturbing:

A source close to the investigation confirmed nine members of the basketball team were attending the camp when two young players were coaxed into playing a game called “wet biscuit” in one of the dorm rooms. The loser of the game had to eat an Oreo cookie covered with a bodily fluid.

Yep. Not surprisingly, no one at Andover High is commenting on the investigation, but a statement on the school’s website reads that “A full investigation commenced immediately upon the administration’s receipt of allegations and is nearly completed.” Andover High basketball coach David Fazio was made aware of the shocking allegations on Nov. 11 by another coach and proceeded to speak with the “distraught” victim who came forward. Fazio, who is entering his 22nd season as coach at the school, is refusing comment at this time but his attorney issued the following statement on his behalf:

“Mr. Fazio acted promptly, compassionately, professionally, legally and morally by responding to the boy and his parents, some of the parents of other boys involved, to the Andover Police and his superiors all at the first opportunity,” Morris said. “Mr. Fazio did everything possible to deal with this 4-month-old situation. This is not a school-related issue.”

According to the report, the boy — who is one of the two alleged victims — had not told anything to his parents before the meeting with Coach Fazio.

Steve Gibbs, the director of Hoop Mountain, the camp where the alleged incidents occurred, has not responded to telephone or email inquires.

I am sure that more disturbing allegations and details will emerge as authorities wrap up their investigation, but for now, if these allegations are proved correct, allow me to ask this one question: What in the hell is wrong with people?