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Hey Look, Alex Ovechkin’s New Girlfriend Is Quite Attractive, Russian (Photo)

Just when you think you have the world on a string and everything is making sense, something like this comes along…and totally throws you for a loop! I mean, how in the heck does a world-famous professional hockey player keep landing super-attractive women? First it was some model, now this young lady. It makes no sense. At least to this hombre.

But there you have it: Alexander Ovechkin’s new girlfriend and according to his tweet (via Mr. Irrelevant), he’s quite taken with her:

Me and my girlfriend Maria….she is my queen!!!!

Awesome. Good for Ovie. Her name, you ask? Maria Kirilenko. And get this: she’s Russian, and a tennis player. Who has ever heard of an attractive Russian tennis starlet before? I surely haven’t. Wonders never cease.

Nevertheless, I wish them both the best of luck. I just hope Ovehckin can pull out of this slump he’s been in before he lashes out and throws another innocent victim under the bus.