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Father Of Rugby Player Storms Pitch During Brawl To Defend Son (Video)

Quite the ruckus ensued during a Top 14 rugby match when Lucien Harinordoquy, the father of Biarritz No8 Imanol Harinordoquy, strolled onto the pitch to defend his son when a bit of a fracas broke out between players on his son’s team and the rugby club from Bayonne. If that wasn’t enough, once Papa Harinordoquy was on the pitch, he attempted to strike one of the Bayonne players, Jean Jo Marmouyet. Prior to landing a mighty blow, Harinordoquy was tackled by Bayonne player Benjamin Boyet.

After the match, Boyet defended the act of taking the old man to the ground, which may remind some of Pedro Martinez’s takedown of Don Zimmer during the 2003 ALCS. Courtesy of a report from The Guardian (via Deadspin):

“I tackled him because he was attacking one of my team-mates,” Boyet told L’Equipe. “I put him to the ground and [the Biarritz hooker] Benoît August told me to stop, because it was Imanol’s father.”

The elder Harinordoquy, to his credit, regretted his actions and apologized, saying:

“My apologies to the Aguilera crowd – Bayonne and Biarritz spectators – to both teams and their staff, to the French League and Fédération as well as to the world of rugby in general. I was under pressure and for other reasons, I lost control. I regret my behaviour.”

Apologies may not be enough, as Bayonne president Michel Cacouault has said he will lodge a complaint against Harinordoquy, saying the father’s actions were “intolerable.” Perhaps next time, Papa Harinordoquy will just stay in his seat and let the boys be boys, not to mention allow his son to fight his own battles. Still, you have to admire the old guy’s moxie. I bet he was quite the scrapper back in his glory days.