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Falcons DE Ray Edwards Owns A Provocative Portrait Of Him And His Girlfriend (Art)

Wait. What? Okay, I’m simply trying to play catchup here, but apparently, according to Jocks & Stiletto Jill, Atlanta Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards and his girlfriend, LaStarya, recently participated in a photo shoot for some magazine and liked one of the photos from the spread so much — I am assuming it was an interpretation of this one right here — they decided to commission an artist to create a more artistic representation of the pic by way of putting brush to canvas to come up with the stunning portrait you see above. Wow. I know Edwards resides in Atlanta, but talk about a “Dirty Bird.”

While I don’t consider myself in the least some kind of astute patron of the arts, I am nevertheless willing to venture to guess that prior to hiring the artist, Ray Edwards did not utter the following phrase as a condition: “The key word is tasteful.”