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Be Forewarned, As The Age Of ‘Brett Favre: Tweetslinger’ Might Be Upon Us

According to a tweet from some guy named Alex Tallitsch (who?), a guy who used to work for the Green Bay Packers-centric digital magazine “Cheesehead TV” and is apparently plugged-in to all-things-Brett-Favre, a rumor is circulating that the Gunslinger’s person friend/pilot (whaa?) has said that Favre will unleash his Southern-fried observations and just-having-fun-out-there musings upon the Twitterverse. Strange days, indeed.

Now, this is obviously only a rumor, but even so, contemplating exactly what kind of things Favre would tweet about is nevertheless quite the hoot:

  • just got off the John Deere – finished mowin’ the back 40 on the ol Favre compound, sippin iced tea
  • Aaron Rodgers’ touchdown celebration? I invented that
  • If you ain’t following @WeedVsSpeed you aint livin
  • @SI_PeterKing: did you get my text message?
  • @jennifersterger: why you no followin me, goshdurnit?
  • does anybody know how to upload photos to this daggum Tweeter?

Hey, it could happen. Especially the following me on Twitter part.

[H/T RandBall]