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$10 Wager Could Net California Man $10K If Colts Go 0-16

"I wish I would have placed that bet."

It sounds like a no-brainer now, but you have to give credit to an anonymous California man who placed a $10 prop bet that the Indianapolis Colts would not win one stinking game before the NFL season started. The originally nominal but potentially incredibly profitable wager, highlighted by Beyond the Bets (via Off the Bench), was made by someone known as @Pistol_Pete82, some guy who all that is know about him is that he’s a self-employed California man.

@Pisto_Pete82’s rationale for the bet, which was set at 1,000-to-1 odds when he made it on Aug. 23:

“My rationale was simple: Peyton has made a ton of money in his career already, why chance it if this thing is serious?” Pete said in an e-mail to BTB. “We’re not talking about some ligament damage in a knee, we are talking about his spine and neck. There is no way a multi-million dollar enterprise like Peyton, Inc., is going to take any chances or rush a neck injury.

“I made the bet a few days before the announcement of the second surgery,” Pete said. “At the time, they said he was doubtful for week 1, I think.”

In hindsight, quite the prescient wager. It is far more than likely that the Colts will drop their final five games — perhaps even a certitude now that the squad is trotting out Dan Orlovsky to run the offense — so the question is, what will Pete do if with his winnings if the Colts go winless?

“I think I would try and convince my wife to let me take a few grand to Vegas for the NFL playoffs, pay a bill or two, and give the kids a solid christmas bonus,” Pete said. “Aside from taxes, of course.”

Ahhh, come on, Pete! You got to let that cash ride, dude! You got the feeling, man! Don’t let that sweet mojo you’ve built up fizzle out! Jeez, what kind of gambler is this guy anyway? Oh, not a degenerate gambler? That makes sense then.