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Peyton Manning’s Son Visits Colts’ Locker Room, Doesn’t Have ‘Manning Face’ (Photos)

Of course the wee lad doesn’t suffer from “Manning Face.” What kind of person would say such a thing? I can be a cynical and mean old coot, but there is no way I am going to poke fun at the adorable mug of an infant. And Little Baby Manning is most certainly that.

Sunday was a special day in Indianapolis Colts Land, not only because the Colts make another step towards winning the Suck for Luck contest, but also because Peyton Manning’s long-time favorite receiver, Marvin Harrison, was inducted into the Colts Ring of Fame. It was the first time 8-month old Marshall and his twin sister Mosley have appeared in front of the press. Only Marshall was provided a locker room tour, though. Mosley stayed behind with her mother.

And as far as I’m concerned, despite the many amusing instances of Peyton Manning displaying the infamous “Manning Face”, let us hope that Marshall – not to mention sister Mosley – never inherit the trademark, primitive, goofy-looking grimaces of their proud papa. Hopefully, as far as bizarre facial contortions are concerned, they take after their Uncle Cooper as opposed to Papa Peyton or Uncle Eli:

Oh. Okay, how about the twins take after their mother’s side? Yeah, that would be better. But seriously, what’s the deal with the Mannings? Talk about some weird-looking dudes.

Here’s a few more adorable photos of Marshall to help wipe out the overdose of Manning Face that has just occurred.