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Hockey Team’s 80s Night Promo + Starship’s ‘We Built This City’ = Gold (Video)

There’s no sense disputing it: when you combine arguably the worst song in the history of pop music, Starship’s 1985 single, “We Built This City (On Rock & Roll), with a cheesy homage to ’80s-esque music videos in order to promote a minor league hockey team’s “’80s Night,” well, it’s good stuff. Knee deep in the hoopla, indeed. Isn’t it sad to think that the same band that gave us “Somebody to Love” and “White Rabbit” — Jefferson Airplane — somehow evolved over time into the ginormous pile of suck that is Starship? Mind-blowing.

The minor league hockey team featured in the above slice of video greatness is the Adirondack Phantoms, the AHL affiliate of the Philadelphia Flyers. It features Phantoms players Jason Akeson, Kevin Marshall, Tye McGinn, and Luke Pither hamming it up while grooving to the sweet, styling sounds of Starship, which is not an easy thing to do. It’s all solid, but perhaps my favorite part is the reference to the primitive illustrations featured in A-ha’s “Take on Me” video about a minute-and-a-half into the video. Well played.

The aforementioned “80s Night” was on Nov. 25 and my guess is that it was awesome, totally awesome.

[H/T Puck Daddy]