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Fake Kyle Orton Is A Lot Like The Real Kyle Orton (Video)

Swilling beer? Check. Rocking the Neckbeard? Check. Incredibly bitter about his unceremonious exit from Denver? Check. Suffering profound distress as a consequence from being replaced as quarterback of the Broncos by Tim Tebow? Oh, that’s a check.

It’s all quite amusing and the guy is a pretty good facsimile for the Kyle Orton, but for me, the money quote has to be, which comes towards the end: “I just want you to remember this, Denver: if it wasn’t for me, there’d be no Tim Tebow.” Truer words were never spoken.

Rock on, Fake Kyle Orton Guy. I look forward to your next video…after your NFL doppelganger is released by the Kansas City Chiefs. Yeah.

[H/T Shutdown Corner]