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Colts Fan, 18, Has Worn A Colts Jersey Or Top Every Day Since The 5th Grade

(photo courtesy of the Courier-Journal)

Submitted for your approval, I give you one Thomas Trinkle, an 18-year-old senior at Floyd Central High School in Georgetown, Ind. In a case of “Gotta Support The Team” meets sports gear-based obsession, young Mr. Trinkle has worn a Colts top — more often than not a jersey — every single day of his life since he was in fifth grade. That’s nearly 3,000 straight days in which he has sported an Indianapolis Colts-themed top. That’s dedication, friends.

It all began way back in elementary school when Trinkle bet three of his pals $5 that he could wear Colts gear for the remainder of the school year. He did, but laments that he “never got paid.”

On the rare days when wearing a Colts jersey wouldn’t be appropriate, Trinkle figures out a way to incorporate some kind of Colts clothing into his outfit. For instance, on the day he had his senior pictures taken, the Colts superfan donned a Colts tie. Impressive.

And his commitment to the team has not gone unnoticed: Trinkle — a season ticket holder with his dad — was introduced during a recent game at the Lucas Oil Stadium, featured on the stadium’s big screens and was profiled in the Colts’ game-day magazine. Not bad for having the luxury of not having to put one thought into what you’re going to wear for nearly 3,000 days. It’s a good gig if you can get it. Except for maybe this season. The constant reminder of the crappy team he roots for must be tough, but as he said of his commitment, ““I like challenges.” Indeed.

[Thanks, Off the Bench]