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After Losing Control Of Ball On Drive, Detroit Guard Bounces It Into Bucket (Video)

In one of the strangest made baskets you will ever see, University of Detroit Mercy guard Ray McCallum Jr. (I cannot read that name without thinking of Ray Parker, Jr., which makes it pretty cool) actually slap-bounced a ball into the bucket for a bizarre basket during his team’s game against Austin Peay. After going around a screen, McCallum loses his footing and control of the basketball and as he attempts to regain possession, he slaps the ball away from him, only for it to bounce once on the floor before miraculously banking off the backboard and through the net.

In the end, McCallum’s bucket proved to be a critical basket for his squad, as the Titans beat the Governors by one measly point, winning 94-93 in overtime. Clutch, right?

[H/T The Dagger]