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Hockey Team’s Xmas Jersey Will Make You Deck The Halls With Bouts Of Vomit (Photos)

Fa la la la la, la la la-*urp*

Oh, I kid, I kid. But you have to admit, the jersey that the Wilkes-Barrie Baby Pens will wear on Dec. 17 for a game against the Norfolk Admirals is something else. Modeled by forward Brian Day, it has all the trappings, trimmings and uh, other assorted, over-the-top stuff, it is the ultimate hockey jersey equivalent of all the garish Christmas sweater atrocities you will see when folks pull them out of mothballs for yet another holiday season.

But as was the case with the last goofy minor league jersey we touched upon here at the Sportress, the Florida Everblades’ “Under the Sea” sweaters, it is all for a good cause, as according to Puck Daddy, the jerseys will be auctioned off after the game with the proceeds going to Penguins United Way Charity Fund as well as the team’s Tickets for Tots program.

Often worn ironically by hipster doofuses these days, the ugly Christmas sweater is a time-honored tradition, and the hockey jersey you see above, despite its objectionable appearance, is an unquestionable delight and suitable homage to the kitschy Christmas sweaters worn for decades.

Rock on with your bad selves, Wilkes-Barrie Baby Pens. And wear those horrific sweaters with pride. At the very least, they are a far better holiday-themed sendup than the jerseys worn by the aforementioned Florida Everblades last year:

GAH! No matter how many times I see those things, they never cease to horrify me. Goodness gracious.