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Florida Panthers Wrap Up Practice With Game Of…Strip Shootout??? (Photos)

The Florida Panthers are currently riding high, sitting at 11-6-3 (25 points), which is good enough for sole possession of first place in the Southeast Division. Apparently, the mini-hot streak has led the team to getting into the mode of feeling a bit loosey-goosey, as evidenced by the hijinks which ensued after the team’s practice on Tuesday when the players engaged in an old-fashioned game of Strip Shootout. Wait. Strip Shootout? Is that a real thing? What the fungus?

Whether or not the great teams from the NHL’s glorious past ever participated in Strip Shootout — something I highly doubt — thankfully, George Richards of the Miami Herald’s On Frozen Pond blog was on hand to chronicle the silliness.

Additional photos follow. Don’t worry, by all appearances, things didn’t get entirely out of hand. Or at the very least, Richards elected not to upload any photos to his Twitter account (@OnFrozenPond) of hockey players in the buff trying to score. Goals. Score goals. Thankfully.

Hockey players: what a bunch of goofballs. And allow to stress once again: thankfully, the guys apparently gave up on the entire Strip Shootout bit long before things got out of control. That’s a good thing for everyone, including the hockey players, as those skate blades are incredibly, incredibly sharp, kids.