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Metta World Peace Challenges MJ To One-On-One Game In Order To End Lockout

Oh, that Metta World Peace: what a cad that guy is!

The Los Angeles Lakers star was absolutely bringing it on Twitter on Monday night and one of the highlights had to be his proposal on how to resolve the lockout: he faces Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan in a mano-a-mano, winner-take-all game of one-on-one. Whoever wins the game, their respective side “wins” the lockout. Metta World Peace tweeted:

Come on Jordan!! Bring it. One on one. I win lockout over. I’ll beat u with my eyes closed and a in and out burger in my right hand!!

With his eyes closed while munching on an In-N-Out burger? If there’s one thing about this guy that’s undeniably true it’s that he’s not short on confidence. Or impractical ideas.

But really, you have to give Metta credit for at least trying to resolve the lockout and bring back NBA basketball. And if I were a betting man — like Michael Jordan — I would be willing to wager that MJ would be more than happy to take on Metta World Peace in a one-on-one battle if he had the authority from the other NBA owners to do so. Which he won’t, obviously. But dangling that kind of high stakes wager in front of Michael Jordan? You just know he’s chomping at the bit — not to mention a big old cigar — to take him up on it. He can’t help himself.