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Manager Of Samoan Rugby World Cup Team Fined 100 Pigs For Bad Behavior

After reports of boarish boorish behavior during the Rugby World Cup that they say brought shame upon them, Matthew Vaea, the manager of Samoa’s World Cup rugby team, has been fined the unique penalty of 100 pigs by the elders from the Samoan village of Leauva’a. The village elders say Vaea’s actions, which included excessive drinking and disappearing for days at a time due to the fact he allegedly didn’t want to be there, tarnished the chiefly title of “tuala” which had been bestowed upon him.

Said Leauva’a village chief Vaifale (via The Telegraph):

“The title of tuala received bad publicity in the media because tuala Mathew failed to perform some of his duties as the manager for the Manu Samoa,” he told the Samoa Observer newspaper.

Jeez, talk about being a pig in a poke, right? Although I should be upfront and admit I’m not sure that idiom is fitting for this situation, but I digress.

It should be pointed out that Vaea did not actually remit payment in pork, instead opting to pay in cash the equivalent value of 100 pigs, which comes to approximately 2,000 Samoan tala (£530), and your guess is as good as mine how much that equates to in American dollars. Vaea also issued a formal apology to village elders, yet there was no word regarding whether or not he offered to cook them a whole mess of delicious, crispy bacon to make additional amends. Pork chops would have been nice, too. And no, I don’t care if you don’t dig on swine and think that pigs are filthy animals. You know, because bacon tastes gooood. Pork chops taste gooood.

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