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Here’s Paul Azinger Shooing Away An Alligator With A Golf Club (Video)

I will give you this: former PGA Tour golfer-turned-television analyst Paul Azinger is one brave man, and one needs to look no further for evidence of that fact than how he calmly — some may say brazenly — recently sneaked up on an alligator who was sunning itself on the banks of a water hazard and shoos it away with a poke from a golf club. Impressive. He’s like the Alligator Whisperer or something.

Azinger summarized the video with the caption, “How a Nole treats a gator,” referring to his status as a Florida State alum. Hmm, I wonder if that was also a slight dig at the rival Florida Gators? Hard to know, but either way, you have to admire Azinger’s guts. I can assure you there is no way I would have done that. But then again, crocodile-rasslin’ is my area of expertise.

[@PaulAzinger, via Devil Ball Golf]