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Bears DT Leaves Message For Packers Fan While Visiting Sick Kids At Hospital (Photo)

Uh, zing? Chicago Bears defensive tackle Anthony Adams couldn’t resist leaving an extra-special message on one young Packers’ fan patient whiteboard when visiting sick patients along with teammate Matt Spaeth on Monday at the University of Chicago’s Corner Children’s Hospital. As you can see, Adams expressed his bewilderment at how someone can actually cop to being a Green Bay Packers fan, even if said fan happens to be a wee lad or lass battling a serious illness.

But before the gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands over Adams’ marker board inquiry, we have no idea in what context Adams wrote it. Instead of it being an ill-timed and insensitive taunt, it just as easily could have been a good-natured joke between Adams and the patient. My guess is it was the latter as opposed to the former, even when keeping in mind the heated rivalry between the Bears and Packers, one has to assume good taste would prevail in such a situation.

(Additional photos of Spaeth and Adams from their visit to the hospital here and here)

[photo courtesy of the University of Chicago’s Corner Children’s Hospital’s Facebook Page, via Shutdown Corner]