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This Just In: Tony Romo Is A Total Slob, Keeps Locker In State Of Disarray (Photo)

Courtesy of Dallas Cowboys safety Abe Elam comes this alarming image which privies us to the squalor Tony Romo wallows in while sitting in front of his locker. Not to be outdone, Romo’s locker neighbor, cornerback Frank Walker, similarly doesn’t seem to keen on tidying up after himself, presumably leaving the lowly locker room attendants responsible for picking up his dirty clothes, arranging his stinky shoes and hanging up his helmet. Truly disappointing. It resembles what you would expect to see in a teenage boy’s bedroom, not lying in front of a millionaire professional athletes.

Then again, one has to assume this is no different than how a majority of NFL players aversion to picking up after themselves manifests itself and how keeping an neat, organized locker is a foreign concept. It is entirely likely that NFL players have people picking up after them constantly, both at home and at the workplace, and without those people, they would find themselves living in a state of perpetual grunginess. How are we supposed to know? Without the courageous decision by Abe Elam to shine a damning light upon the wretched condition, cleanliness-wise, of the lockers of his teammates Romo and Walker, we never would have learned their dirty little secret. Who knows what’s hidden underneath those piles of filth? Frankly, I don’t want to know.