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Ladies And Gentlemen, I Give You: The Sacred Tim Tebow Blanket (Photo)

Dear Lord. I mean Dear Tebow. Dear Tebow, yeah, that’s it. And remember, not everyone is granted the honor of adorning themselves in holy vestments such as the frock which is draped upon her. She is probably an ordained priest in the Church or something. I only pray that it is not a Snuggie or Forever Lazy. That would be sacrilege.

One question: during the holy sacrament of Tebowing, is one supposed to remove the holy garb so as not to sully it with the dirty earth? Hard to say, given that the Tebowanity religion is only in its infancy. I guess we’ll just have to wait until the Tebocalypse and see who rises up with Him into the Great Gridiron in the Sky.

But all sarcasm aside, that was a pretty nifty run by Tebow to dispatch the suddenly reeling Jets to the nether regions as the clock wound down to grant a victory to the Denver Broncos faithful. Also helping: the Jets’ under-performing defense and disgustingly inept offense. Yeah, those things helped, too. The Broncos’ defense had a hand in it as well, but…

Ah, who are we kidding? It was all Tim Tebow. If it wasn’t his legs or his arm (???) making the plays, they were accomplished due to the inspiration he imparts upon his teammates.

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