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Aaron Rodgers: More Popular Than Jesus (At Least In Wisconsin)

And no, I am not referring to Football Jesus above, a role now inhabited in body and spirit by one Tim Tebow. I am referring to the real Jesus, the Biblical dude. Crazy.

To say Aaron Rodgers is having a phenomenal year, despite the high praise the compliment entails, is still something of an understatement: Aaron Rodgers is having a phenomenally unprecedented year as an NFL quarterback. Given that the Super Bowl-winning quarterback, through his nearly flawless and statistically mind-boggling play, has positioned the Green Bay Packers in prime position to make a run at another Lombardi Trophy; it really should come as no surprise that Rodgers is an adored figure all across the fine state of Wisconsin. But to the extent he is adored — and in light of the date that follows below, worshiped — is quite profound, some might argue perhaps even a bit troubling.

According to a recent study conducted by the Public Polling Policy, the only two people more popular in Wisconsin at the moment are Abraham Lincoln and Jesus.

The results from last month’s study revealed that Rodgers is viewed favorably by 89% of the residents of Wisconsin. The folks at the Public Polling Policy attempted to put those results in their proper perspective and tested out the views of American as a whole about other various revered figures. The only two people who beat out Rodgers’ 89% figure on a national spectrum were the aforementioned Abraham Lincoln at 91% and Jesus at 90%. In the end, the study found that Rodgers is viewed more favorably than “George Washington, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Santa Claus, Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Steve Jobs. Incredible. And who says Americans hold sports stars in too high a regard?

In the end, like The Beatles in 1966 as alluded to in the cheeky quip from John Lennon, as of this moment, Aaron Rodgers is more popular than Jesus. At least in Wisconsin. Furthermore, I wonder if Lennon’s presupposition even held true in America’s Dairyland. For some reason, Wisconsin always seemed much more like a Herman’s Hermits kind of state to me. Nevertheless, much like The Beatles, Aaron Rodgers has the ability to make little girls cry, albeit for different reasons entirely.

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