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This Is What It Looked Like When Tiger Woods Shook Steve Williams’ Hand (Photo)

The golf world was all abuzz when it was reported that Tiger Woods, along with his partner Steve Stricker and their respective caddies, were scheduled to face Adam Scott and K.J. Choi and their respective caddies during each team’s first match of the President’s Cup on Wednesday in Melbourne, Australia. Of course, what added sizzle to this matchup was the fact that one Steve Williams is currently carrying Adam Scott’s bag and we all know how the once close professional and seemingly personal relationship between Woods and Williams steadily devolved since Tiger’s whoremongering scandal broke into a slow burn of acrimony, potshots backbiting and eventually, outright antipathy, mostly coming from Williams’ side of the relationship ledger.

As you can see above, when Tiger and Stevie shook hands after the match, well, Tiger’s face says it all. Yikes. If for some reason I could only come up with a reaction to that photo based upon a reference to old Mötley Crüe lyrics, I’d say he’s got the looks that kill, albeit in a different way than the meaning of the lyrics. That’s the ultimate representation of staring daggers, friends. And no, I have no idea why I have Mötley Crüe on the brain. It’s a sickness.

But to maintain the theme here, unfortunately for Tiger and his playing partner, the match turned into a “Theatre of Pain” for the duo, as Scott and Choi kicked the ever-living snot out of their opponents, as the Woods-Stricker team didn’t win a hole, losing the match 7 and 6, the worst loss in Presidents Cup history. Ouch.