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Takin’ It To The Tweets: The Iron Sheik Weighs In On NBA Lockout

Sure, it’s not as explicit nor as entertaining as the Iron Sheik’s previous forays into online criticism, but despite its lack of vileness and excessive profanity, it’s hard to argue with the veracity of thoughts contained in the above tweet. Well put, Iron Sheik. Heck, that’s probably better advice than Billy Hunter or David Stern are giving to the parties they represent. Maybe the Iron Sheik can help mediate the differences between the two groups. And if not, he could place both Hunter and Stern in the Camel Clutch and whoever lasts the longest before submitting wins on a particular issue. This would go on until all the issues are resolved or one of the two are incapable of continuing. If that occurs, the other side’s position on all remaining differences would win out. What a concept.

But one question: is the Virgil in “dont be the virgil” in reference to the Million Dollar Man’s personal assistant from way back when? It has to be, right? Although if it is, that is one strange reference out of nowhere, not to mention a totally awesome one at that.