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Pitt Recruit Gets Tattoo That Makes It Look Like He Was Clawed By A Panther (Photo)

Awesome. The recruit in question is Steven Adams, a highly touted power forward all the way from Wellington, New Zealand who, according to, has made a strong verbal commitment to play for Pitt. And in light of the incredible tattoo he just got on his chest (featuring a Pitt Panthers “gash” with “Pacific island pattern” inlaid within the claw marks, via his tweet), I’d say Pitt should feel pretty confident that Adams will be heading to the University of Pittsburgh campus sometime soon.

On the other hand, I suppose he could opt out of his verbal commitment and choose to attend a multitude of other schools which feature mascots that have claws: whether that mascot be another large cat, a bear, perhaps; crap, even a Wolverine has some pretty ferocious claws. Some reptiles, too, although I’m not aware of any school whose mascot is a Komodo Dragon. But I’m sure there is some university somewhere with some other clawed, reptilian mascot. Huh.

Moving on, I guess what I’m getting at is: keep an eye on this kid, Pitt. He’s a mystery wrapped inside an enigma tattooed with a gash inlaid with a Pacific island pattern.

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