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High School RB Hurdles, Eludes And Plows Over Defenders On Brilliant TD Run (Video)

Wow. As the always-superb high school sports-centric site Prep Rally mentions in their post title regarding this spectacular touchdown run, there is a game’s worth of highlights in this single rush.

The impressive touchdown comes courtesy of Parrish Young, a running back from Franklin (N.C.) High, and the fact that he managed to combine about four different highlight-worthy moves into this touchdown is mind-blowing. First, there’s the hurdling of a defender as he sweeps around the right side and begins to straighten out the run, then he nimbly sidesteps another defender before plowing over another before leaving two additional helpless opponents lying in the dirt as he makes his way the final 10 yards into the end zone. And all that happens in 15 seconds. Amazing.

All I can think after watching it is can you imagine what would happen if Chris Berman had to call this highlight? He would have to incorporate a “WOOP!” or two followed by a rushed “Rumblin’ bumblin’ stumblin’,” all before Young scores. Crap, his head would probably explode. Kelly Clarkson probably would be crushed if that happened. I mean, who would ride shotgun and sing along with her?