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The Hooters In Houston Has Faith In New Texans Starting QB Matt Leinart [Photo]

But to be fair, Hooters restaurants the world over have faith that the skimpy tops they insist their busty waitresses wear will somehow retain the structural integrity — despite the tremendous pressure placed upon them — to hold everything in place. Well, maybe they don’t, actually, but you know what I mean.

And what I mean is that despite the groaning, teeth-gnashing and wringing of hands currently being done by Houston Texans fans due to the fact that in light of starting quarterback Matt Schaub’s possible season-ending foot injury, the 7-3, AFC South-leading team has little choice but to hitch their wagon to first round draft pick flame-out and current Texans backup QB, Matt Leinart.

One question: as long as Leinart is under center, beer bongs will be on the house at this particular Hooters locale, right? It would only make sense. Ah, who am I kidding? They don’t offer beer bongs at Hooters. But it would be cool if they did.

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