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If There’s One Thing Reggie Bush Needs, It’s Free Stuff* [Photo]

You know, because he’s only making $2.5 million this season. How can we expect the Miami Dolphins running back to afford such extravagant items like Need for Speed: The Run, not to mention all the associated accessories?

Bush tagged this photo in a tweet containing the brief message, “Swag!” and it’s hard not to be envious of his fortuitous position in life. The very least Reggie Bush could do is donate those times to somebody less fortunate, who isn’t earning a paycheck at the moment. Like his favorite NBA player or something. I bet LeBron James could really use something to cheer him up right about now.

* actually, this entire post was purely satirical and used as a means to crack an NBA lockout joke. If you retweeted this tweet from Bush, you had the chance to win the aforementioned swag as Bush is picking out a winner on Thursday. But in keeping with the theme of the post, we can all hope an NBA player wins all that cool stuff.