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High School DL Busts Out Suplex Maneuver To Sack Quarterback (Video)

What the above sack by Stone Bridge (Va.) High’s Jonathan Allen lacked in subtlety was more than made up for with outright ferocity. Also: a well-deserved unnecessary roughness penalty. I’m shocked that a backhoe wasn’t required to dig that poor quarterback out of the turf.

Allen’s planting of McLean (Va.) High quarterback Danny Hecht during a recent game exemplified — perhaps inappropriately — why Jonathan Allen, still a sophomore, has already received offers from five ACC schools, as well interest from Oklahoma and Rutgers. You can’t teach that stuff. Well, maybe in a WWE training boot camp, but not on the football field. I mean, Allen grabs the guy, gets him into a nice grappling position and proceeds to suplex him right into the ground. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, a suplex aficionado of some renown and the voluminous versions of the aforementioned move, would be quite pleased with Allen’s technique.

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