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Artist’s Renderings Of Proposed NFL Stadium In Los Angeles Are Very L.A. (Pics)

During a news conference Tuesday, architectural firm Gensler unveiled new images of the latest design for the proposed NFL stadium in Los Angeles, which is purportedly to be called Farmers Field (“We are Farmers. Bum-ba-da-ba-bum-bum-bum-bum). According to the principals, the airy, translucent, futuristic-looking stadium could be ready for the 2016 NFL season.

Said Tim Romani, President and CEO of ICON Venue Group, which serves as AEG’s Owners Representative for Farmers Field (try putting that on a business card) (from, via Shutdown Corner):

“We have really challenged the Gensler team to create a unique design for Farmers Field that is destined to become another distinguished signature building for Los Angeles and at the same time a remarkable achievement in venue functionality and sustainability…This stadium and event center will be like nothing you’ve ever seen or experienced.”

Added Gensler principal, Ron Turner:

“Designing a world-class large scale venue, capable of creating the perfect environment to host both indoor and outdoor events, goes far beyond the retractable roof solutions of the past…Our charge is not only to design a stadium that offers the ideal outdoor NFL experience but also to have a fully enclosable facility that creates an equally appealing location and atmosphere for indoor events and conventions.”

Sounds wonderful. And by the looks of the artist’s rendering, would fit quite well into the Los Angeles streetscape. Farmers Field could be a state-of-the-art facility: stylish, modern and if you look closely, actually has a fully-sized football field inside of it. Now all they need is a real NFL team to play in it. Any takers? No, not you, Jacksonville. I said a real NFL team.