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According To, Tim Tebow, Not Denver, Is The 21st-Ranked NFL Team

Jeez, what can’t this guy do? Other than competently throw a football and run a pro-style offense, that is. Oh, and all that stuff the Bible instructs us not to do, too. Can’t forget about those things. I think they’re called sinful acts, but then again, I’m no theologian. Nor a moral person.

Surprisingly, the power rankings on still contain this graphic blunder, which leads me to believe that instead of it being a blunder, it is conversely a wry tongue-in-cheek joke being played upon us by analyst Elliot Harrison, for which I give him great credit. But the question remains: without Tebow, where would the Denver Broncos rank? Lower? Higher? The same? Quite the conundrum.

[via Sports Grid]