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Today In Gruesome, Deformed Fingers Of Former NFL Players [Photos]

Sweet sassy molassesey: ain’t nothing right about those hands, kids.

All credit goes to Deadspin for capturing and documenting these two phalangelical-related atrocities. First up is Michael Strahan and as DS points out, while it’s not uncommon for ex-NFL players to have grotesque fingers as a result of their playing careers in such a brutal game, to have his twisted digits so prominently featured in an ad is a bizarre choice.

Next up: Torry Holt. All I can say about his nightmare fuel of a deformity is, uh, ouch. But in both cases, it’s safe to say these guys will never score a cameo role as a Vulcan in any Star Trek film or television program. “Live long and — holy crap!!! What’s wrong with your hands?!? Did you just escape from a Romulan prison camp or something?”