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Elderly San Diego-Area Woman Wakes To Find Passed-Out Chargers Fan On Her Couch

(not the suspect in question, just some drunk guy passed out)

Via Sign On San Diego:

PACIFIC BEACH — An 81-year-old Pacific Beach woman awoke to find a Chargers fan passed out on her couch this morning, according to San Diego police.

Officer Frank Cali of the San Diego Police Department said the woman living on the 1300 block of Thomas Avenue reported an unknown man estimated to be in his 20s and wearing a Chargers jersey was asleep in her living room at about 7:20 a.m.

The man was taken into custody and charged with being drunk in public.

That must have been awfully frightening ordeal for the old lady. But what gives with only being charged with being drunk in public? Trespassing at the very least would seem like a logical charge, not to mention the possibility of breaking and entering.

And given that the passed-out drunk dude was wearing a Chargers jersey and is as of this moment unidentified, for the sake of Chargers fans, let’s hope it wasn’t Phillip Rivers. Because if anyone affiliated with the Chargers organization, be it fan, player or otherwise, probably needed to go on a bender after last night’s loss to the Raiders, it most certainly was him. Or Norv Turner, maybe, but he strikes me more as the kind of guy who huffs air conditioner refrigerant. I don’t know why, he just does.