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Ed Hochuli Is Quite Verbose When Explaining Things That Need To Be Explained [Video]

A controversial play occurred during the Oakland Raiders’ 24-17 win over the reeling San Diego Chargers on Thursday night. It appeared that Chargers WR Vincent Brown came down with a nifty touchdown reception late in the third quarter, and it was ruled as such on the field. However, Raiders coach Hue Jackson threw his red challenge flag, and thankfully he did, because without doing so, we would have never heard this long-winded, seemingly-unending explanation of everybody’s favorite NFL referee/bicep model (okay there’s no such, but if there were, oh, if there were) Ed Hochuli:

Wow. Quite thorough and when you think about it, necessarily wordy. Because sometimes, the only way to adequately explain something is to go into deep, deep detail. So deep, in fact, that while the message comes across quite clearly, the intent is somehow lost due to the length of said explanation. Now, I’m not saying that Ed Hochuli is always verbose, but the fact that this particular, individual example typifies Hochuli’s explanatory methods hints to the fact that he might enjoy the sound of his own voice a bit too much, but once again, that does not mean that it isn’t necessary. And by necessary, I mean the aforementioned oratory explanation was critical in order to adequately provide the reasons behind he made the decision that he did. Once again, Ed Hochuli reviewed the tape, made his decision and clearly explained it to the fans, coaches and players, which is what is expected about him following him making the controversial decision. And by controversial, I mean that some people were going to be happy with the conclusion Hochuli arrived at and some would be unhappy with the decision Hochuli arrived at.

I’ve said too much.

[video via Sports Grid]