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(Video) Watch Steve Downie Get His Clock Cleaned By Braydon Coburn

This brouhaha occurred during the Tampa Bay Lightning’s 2-1 overtime win over the Philadelphia Flyers, and believe you me, it’s a doozy. One relevant piece of information which makes the fight even more compelling: Braydon Coburn is 6’5″, 220 pounds, a full six inches taller and twenty pounds heavier than his fellow pugilist. This Steve Downie fella has got guts, I’ll give him that.

And to be fair to Downie, he actually lands some pretty good shots at the onset of the fight, but Coburn’s size and strength ultimately overpower the smaller Downie, as Coburn rains blows upon the Lightning winger.

But once again, you have to give Downie credit. It was like a David vs. Goliath kind-of-thing going on there. Only on skates. And without a sling and some rocks. And it wasn’t covered in the Bible. But otherwise, exactly the same.

[H/t Pro Hockey Talk]